Scope of Complaints

Beginning from 1 September 2000, the Council received and handled public complaints in accordance with its constitution The Council receives and handles complaints relating to intrusion of privacy or articles of a prurient, indecent or sensational nature against local newspapers.


"newspaper" means any paper or other publication and any supplement thereto available to the general public which-

  1. contains news, intelligence, occurrences or any remarks, observations or comments in relation to such news, intelligence, or occurrences or to any other matter of public interest; and
  2. is printed or produced for sale or free distribution and published either periodically (whether half-yearly, quarterly, monthly, fortnightly, weekly, daily or otherwise) or in parts or numbers at intervals not exceeding 6 months; and
  3. does not comprise exclusively any item or items specified in the Schedule; (Replaced 15 of 1987 s. 4)