Complaint procedures and methods

How to make a complaint

Complaints may be filed through email, fax or by filling out the complaint form available at the Council’s website,

Procedures of Handling Complaints

According to the Byelaws, all complaints made to the Secretariat of the Council will be directed to a Screening Committee appointed by the Executive Committee.

The Screening Committee, which is composed of not less than three members, will decide whether there is a prima facie case for the complaint to be inquired into, and if so, the complaint will be submitted to the Executive Committee for a decision as to whether a Complaints Committee will be appointed to hear the complaint.

After the hearing, if the Complaints Committee is satisfied that the complaint is substantiated, their findings will be forwarded to the Executive Committee to make one or more of the following directives, that:

  • the respondent newspaper or its editor, publisher, contributor or freelance writer be reprimanded:
  • the respondent newspaper publish the directive or a summary of the findings of the proceedings of the Complaints Committee;
  • the respondent newspaper give a written apology to the complainant in such form and terms as may be agreed by the Executive Committee;
  • the Executive Committee may further direct the respondent newspaper to publish the apology in its own newspaper.