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Chairman and Vice-Chairman

Under the Memorandum and Articles of the Association of the Hong Kong Press Council, chairman and vice-chairmen must not be employees in newspaper industry to ensure the independence, impartiality and integrity of the Council.

The Chairman shall be nominated by the Ordinary Corporate Members and shall be elected by a two-third majority of members who attend an annual general meeting. The Vice-chairmen should be Public Members being elected by Council members.

The tenure of the Chairman and Vice-chairmen is one year.

2015 Chairman and Vice-chairmen


Prof. Joseph M. Chan
Professor of Journalism and Communication
Chinese University of Hong Kong


Mr. Kennedy Y.H. Wong
Managing Partner, Philip K.H. Wong, Kennedy Y.H. Wong & Co.

Mr. Chris K.H. Yeung
Veteran Journalist

Mr. Au Pak Kuen
School Supervisor, Hong Kong Vernacular Normal Schools Alumni Association School