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  2011 Annual General Meeting (Press Release 21 February 2012)

Today Hong Kong Press Council elected its new Chairman and Vice Chairmen representively. Professor Joseph M. Chan was re-elected Chairman, Dr Cheung Kwai Yeung, Mr. Au Pak Kuen and Mr. Kennedy Y.H. Wong were re-elected Vice Chairmen.

Besides electing the Chairman and Vice- Chairmen, Council members also elected members for the Executive Committee at the meeting. The public members are,

Professor Joseph M. Chan

Professor of Journalism and Communication, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Dr. Cheung Kwai Yeung

Principle Media Advisor, Chinese Communications (HK) Co

Mr. Au Pak Kuen

Chief Treasurer, Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union

Mr. Kennedy Y.H. Wong

Managing Partner, Philip K.H. Wong, Kennedy Y.H.Wong & Co.

Dr. Melvin Wong

Barrister at Law, Former Vice President, Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild

Ms. Ann Chiang

Chartered President, Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council

Mr. Choi Chi Sum

General Secretary, Society for Truth and Light

Ms. Christine Fang

Chief Executive, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Mr. Leung Siu Tong

Member of Standing Committee, Hong Kong Teachers’Centre

Professor Angelina Yuen

Vice President, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Professor H. Tso

Associate Vice-President, Hang Seng Management College

Mr. Yeung Kam Kuen

Journalist, Lecturer in Journalism

Professor Cheung Chi Kim

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong

Professor Clement Y. K. So

Director, School of Journalism and Communication, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Prof. Hung-Fu Ho Wang

Head, Department of Journalism & Communication, Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Hong Kong

Ms Lilian Law

Executive Director, The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong

Mr Chris Yeung 

News Director


The representatives of newspapers and press associations are,

Mr. Lee Cho Jat

Honorary Chairman, Hong Kong Commercial Daily

Mr. Siu Sai Wo

Chief Editor, Sing Tao Daily News 

Mr. Lo Wing Hung

Chief Executive Officer, Sing Tao News Corporation Limited, The Standard

Mr. Chow Chung Yan

News Editor, South China Morning Post

Ms. Erica Sze

Senior Assignment Editor (Local News), Hong Kong Economic Times

Mr. Chan Kam-Keung

Deputy Chief Editor, Ming Pao Daily News

Mr. Wu Ming

Executive Chief Editor, Wen Wei Po

Mr. Li Kai Man

Deputy Chief Editor, Ta Kung Pao

Mr. Ray Zhou

Editor-in-Chief, China Daily Hong Kong Edition

Mr. Ngai Kai Kwong

Chief Editor, Sing Pao

Mr. Ronald Y. C. Chiu

Treasurer, Hong Kong News Executives' Association

Mr. Stephen C. L. Fung

Committee Member, Hong Kong Federation of Journalists

Currently, the Council has 10 press members, including Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Sing Tao Daily News, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong Economic Times, Ming Pao Daily News, Wen Wei Po, Sing Pao, China Daily, Ta Kung Pao and The Standard.

The Hong Kong Press Council has received a total of 54 complaints in 2011, more than tripled the number in 2010. Complaint categories and percentage (2010 statistics for comparison) are as follow: indecent and sensational reporting 43% (24%); intrusion of privacy 15% (24%); inaccurate reporting 24% (24%); and other categories 18% (28%), including untrue advertising, misleading title, misnomer, vulgar language, and wrong caption.  

In proportion of media type, complaints against members significantly reduced from 32% in 2010 to 11% this year, while those against non-members rocketed to 89%.

(This is a translated version only. For official document, please refer to the Chinese version)