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Journalist Organizations
Journalist Organizations
Hong Kong Journalists Association
Hong Kong News Executives' Association
Newspaper Society of Hong Kong
Government Departments
Information Services Department
Communications Authority
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Department of Journalism and Communications
Hong Kong Baptist University School of Communication
The University of Hong Kong Journalism & Media Studies
Hong Kong Shue Yan University Department of Journalism and Communication
Chu Hai College of Higher Education Department of Journalism and Communication
Media Education Website
Hong Kong Association of Media Education
Society for Truth and Light
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Hong Kong Economic Journal Tel 2856 7567
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Hong Kong Economic Times Tel 2565 4288
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Oriental Daily News Tel. 3600 8811
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South China Morning Post Tel. 2565 2222
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The Standard Tel. 2798 2798
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The Sun Tel. 3600 9911
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am730 Tel: 3408 3718
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Headline Daily Tel: 3181 3683
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Overseas Links

Oversea Press Council
Australian Press Council
Alberta Press Council (Canada)
Ontario Press Council (Canada)
Conseil de presse du Quebec (Canada)
Dansk Oresseaevnet (Denmark)
Estonian Press Council (Estonia)
Julkisen Sanan Neuvosto (Finland)
Deutscher Presserat (Germany)
Dewan Pers (Indonesia)
Press Arbitration Commission (South Korea)
Conseil de presse (Luxemburg)
New Zealand Press Council
Press Council (Thailand)
Turkish Press Council (Turkey)
Minnesota News Council (USA)
Washington News Council (USA)
Newspaper Contents Evaluation Chamber (Japan)
The Alliance of Independent European Press Councils
The Press Complaints Commission in the UK
Media Accountability Systems
Australian Privacy Commissioner's Site
New Zealand Privacy Commissioner's site
Australian Privacy Charter Council
Australian Privacy Charter Council's preamble
Privacy International
Human Rights Watch
The Freedom Forum Online
International Press Institute
Freedom House